There's nothing more beautiful in the AM than the smell of coffee and your partner lying next to you in a deep slumber snoring louder than Snorlax (yes, I actually do like that), but to be honest I'm not a morning person so I'd rather take another hour or eternity of slumber and delay my morning coffee. 

However, there is one thing that makes waking up a bit more exciting. What is it, you ask? It's wearing your pajamas for the day straight out of bed. Not the sweatpants and hoodie kind of pajamas. I'm talking about luxe silky matching set straight leg pajamas with contrast piping. Day pajamas have been a huge trend in fashion for quite some time, ever since Phoebe Philo sent those beautiful scarf printed pants and blouses down the runway for Céline. She pioneered this pajama movement and I couldn't be more grateful. 

It's super easy to wear and transition from bed to day to night. If done right, this could easily replace that cocktail dress/suit for your next bougie social gathering. If your pajamas consist of prints meant for a 5 year old child, then do not try this at home or anywhere really. The best way to go is silk or even cotton in a solid color, or printed with a simple motif like polka dots or pinstripes. If you're gonna go print heavy like this amazing bunny one or the super luxurious ‘For Restless Sleepers’, find ones with rich hues. Prints can be tricky as some look cheap and the prints aren't well-designed or well-placed. There's something about a monochromatic and matching set outfit that just innately makes it look expensive. Especially in silk. 

Simply sport your pajamas as you would to bed, maybe give it a half-tuck for an effortlessly cool "I just got out of bed look" and then throw on some heels for some extra glam. Voila! You'll be the most comfortable and chic person on the block! 

I personally feel just as powerful as if I were wearing a pantsuit. The way the silk flows and how it feels on the skin feels so much more divine than a tailored blazer and pants. It's as if you're the goddess of sleep and pleasure as you float across the ground. I think this world would be a much happier place if office attire required pajamas instead of formal business wear, along with three day weekends. 

Who knew comfort and pajamas could be so chic? 

x d

Pajamas: Front Row Shop (Jacket, Pants) | Shoes: Senso | Clutch: Olympia Le Tan | Earring: Sorelle

Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose
Edited by Trace Otsuka