Jumpsuits, overalls, and onesies are probably the most problematic articles of clothing for me, as a petite otherworldly human being. The torso and pant portion are always too long, swallowing my body whole and making me look like a prepubescent child trying on my 500 lb-father’s clothes. It could be a “look” on the right person, but not so much on me-- which is all a bit frustrating, as I kind of love jumpsuits (aside from the bathroom factor) since they're such an easy alternative to cocktail and even formal attire. 

I usually tend to veer away from the jumpsuits, as the fit outcome is pretty much always the same. If one really, really catches my eye, which is rare, I'll consider it and take it to my fashion guardian angels at Silhouettes & Profiles to make it a perfect fit. The problem with this solution is that the alterations all add up to basically be more than the original garment price itself, and I don't got money for that! 

Well thankfully for those who are petite and jumpsuit-obsessed, more and more brands are creating diffusion lines catered to us small human or extraterrestrial beings. This one in particular is from a UK based brand, Glamorous. I know, cliché and a name that makes you slightly skeptical, but they actually have cute trendy clothes-- think Topshop, Pixie Market, etc... and they sell on ASOS

So don't give up on your jumpsuit dreams, fellow petite earthlings-- There is hope! And you can start to slowly say goodbye to awkward conversations in the kids’ section with parents shopping for their kids when you're just shopping for yourself. 

x d

Overalls: Glamorous | Bomber: Boohoo | Shoes: Zara (Similar) | Earring: Sorelle

Photography by Thomas McCarty
Edited by Trace Otsuka