Cám Ơn

Cám Ơn - thank you in Vietnamese.

I was initially writing a more “deep in my feels” kind of post but after being surrounded by so many amazing people and beautiful energy the other night for Thanksgiving, it inspired me to write about something more… positive.

*Personal disclaimer about the the problematic holiday below*

As my friends and I started to take our seats at the table after making some delicious plates, I brought up a cute convo starter of asking everyone what they were thankful for in 2018. Some rolled their eyes at the amount of cheese this activity holds, but I and a few others thought it would be super cute! They gave in, and after going around the table, I couldn’t help but feel so energized and happy from hearing everyone’s sentiments. As everyone shared their thanks, they all lit up and had sparkles in their eyes, which was such a beautiful and rare sight to see in the current dismal state of the world.

So much has changed and happened for me this year in the best way possible, so I just wanted to share my thanks to all things good in 2018 here on Bonjour Yên!  

I’m so thankful for the community I found this year, which is the first time this has happened in the 9 years that I have lived in New York. I honestly have never felt more at home here in NY until this year. These people have become my NY family and I don’t know what or where I would be if not for them! Being able to have met so many nurturing, beautiful, and strong Asian queer/trans/GNC people has been so uplifting and eye-opening. I have the amazing queer API collectives Bubble_T and Onegaishimasu to thank for bringing us all together. They’ve been such a big influence on why I’m able to stand as proud as I am today.

I’m super thankful for all my amazing peers, colleagues, bosses, and fellow budding stylists who had my back, helped open doors, provided me with new opportunities, and for being so accommodating and respectful of my transition. It seriously means the world to me!

I’m also honestly thankful for my own strength, perseverance, and will, because it’s been a super tough road and I’m so proud that I am still here, stronger and happier than ever before as a newly evolved Femme Queen Goddess.

Lastly, I’m so incredibly thankful to my amazing close friends and family for being there for me and listening to me through all these years. To have you all is just indescribable and I hope you all know that I love you all so much!!!

The world isn’t exactly shining its brightest at the moment, but I hope everyone can take a moment to think of all the things you’re thankful for this year. If it’s for people, tell them you love them; if it’s for your community, give back; if it’s for your craft, please keep on sharing it! If it’s for your newfound happiness, enjoy every fucking moment of it!


Photography by Dylan Nguyen

Dress: Style Mafia (similar here) | Hat: Brixton

PS. This holiday is very problematic and I am aware of the history of this tragic day and refuse to see it for what it is traditionally celebrated for. What the pilgrims and settlers did to the Natives is beyond fucked up. I strongly think the US government and citizens need to do better to make amends for the damage and trauma they have caused to the innocent natives centuries ago because the pain, injustice, and discrimination still lives. Here are some links of organizations that you can donate to and read more about how they support Native Americans.

First Nations

Native American Rights Fund - NARF