A good friend of mine gave me a simple but powerful reminder recently-- that despite whatever stressful life events we go through, at the end of the day we always have a choice. A choice to dwell on the events or to pick ourselves up, keep our heads up, and to continue to sashay forward. It's okay to feel sad. In fact, give yourself time to grieve, sulk, and reminisce. But after some time you have to stand back up, stronger than ever, and keep on moving. If we continue to look back at all the mistakes, misfortunes, hurt, and regrets, our lives will never improve. We will get lost in darkness, becoming products of our negative thoughts and experiences, completely dimming our potential to shine. We also can't allow the negativity that streamed through these experiences define who we become or use these events as excuses from living life to the fullest. If there's something we're unhappy about, then it's our responsibility to find a solution. The universe doesn't owe us anything. I'm a big believer in karma and the energy you exude is what the universe will return.

Life is not a beach, because life is actually a real big ass bitch (whoever created this saying must've had it easy). One that often likes to throw shitty situations at us, that play and test with our emotional, mental, and physical states. But at the end of the day I like to remind myself that everything will be OK and that it's not the end of the world (if it really is the end then... oh well, not much you can do there). As simple these reminders may be, it always helps to put things in perspective. If we look at these experiences through the better lens, these happenings will only make us stronger and wiser. Sit back and analyze what went wrong or wasn't okay. Then apply the knowledge to your present and future, which will help prevent that form of negativity from entering your life again.

So let's do our best to own this bitch and make the best of it. Madame butterfly is rising!

x D

Jacket: Zara (Similar Here + Here) | Top + Bottom: Massimo Dutti (Similar Here) | Shoes: Public Desire | Earring: Sorelle

Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose
Edited by Trace Otsuka