The trench-- a classic item that can be worn in versatile and subversive ways. My personal favorite way to wear it? A plunging, high slit, flowing dress for a sexy "HBIC"-kinda look, usually donned alongside a pair of short shorts underneath to avoid any unintentional, revealing Marilyn Monroe moments. If it were up to me, though, I'd just wear a thong or some lacy lingerie. But I suppose I’ll save those for... special occasions. Vietnamese for dinner, anyone?

There's always something cool about taking a traditionally masculine item and styling it with a feminine twist, and vice versa, to create and show another dimension to the clothing. I personally love taking conservative pieces and "slutting" up the styling a bit, such as this mysterious, naked illusion lone-robe coat look. Who doesn't love a slutty moment? Some other examples of "slutting" up: taking an oversized t-shirt and wearing it as a dress that shows off the legs, boyfriend jeans paired with heels and a slinky tank showing slivers of skin (a bit of side boob) or wearing a white shirt buttoned down midway with some short shorts and heeled kickass boots. The unexpected contrast is what stands out amongst an ocean of basic styles. 

There really is no right or wrong way to wear clothing anymore, which is one of the many beautiful things about individuality and personal style. However, there is still chic/un-chic, cool/uncool, and fun/boring. The creativity that some people showcase with their style and styling work (Balenciaga FW16 trench turned portrait collared dress - simple yet genius trick) is truly an aspirational talent and fascinating sight to see. The life that they breathe into clothing is so refreshing and helps keep my interest for fashion alive. 

x d

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Trench: Zara (Similar Here & Here) | Shoes: Public Desire | Earrings: Eddie Borgo (Similar Here) | Shorts: Black Cat Vintage

Photography by Alexander Nguyen
Edited by Trace Otsuka