It’s been 7 years since I graduated from high school, 7 since I moved to NYC, 4 since my rhinoplasty (no shame), 3 since I graduated from FIT, and 25 since I've been brought into this world. It's strange how time accelerates as you grow older. 

Today I turn 25, an age to me that seems monumental in one’s young adult life. You're now exiting the young hot mess life and entering I'm-pretty-sure-I-know-what-I-want-and-have-my-shit-together adulthood. Well, at least let's hope it’s moving in a more positive direction. And if it's not exactly where you envisioned,that's ok too, because we all move at different paces thanks to a difficult obstacle called life. Take your time, but also pick yourself up.

Unlike a majority of my friends, I'm actually excited to turn 25. While entering this new era of adulthood, I think we're also entering a important period of growth and self-cultivation. In our early 20s, we played and experimented with various aspects of life. Now, having reached the quarter century mark, I think we're in the process of picking and choosing what we liked and enjoyed from that discovery era. We're cementing who we are, and in a way, the foundation of our future. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how my life unfolds in the next 5, 10 years. To think about the paths that my life could take is extremely intriguing to me. Although I of course have dreams and goals I'm working towards, the path towards them is present but it's blurry. Despite the uncertainties, the unpredictable nature of life, and the unknown, I'm looking forward to my encounters with them. Hopefully they will all be positive interactions. 

The past couple of years already have been life changing and full of knowledge so I can only imagine what life has in store for me in the future. So cheers to aging one more year, and being a less confused and lost millennial.  

x d 

PS. Happy birthday to all the other Cancer babies sharing this day with me as well. Emotional and sensitive Cancers unite!

Jacket: Zara (Similar Here) | Sweater: Coperni Femme | Jeans: Opening Ceremony | Shoes: Maison Margiela | Sunglasses: Dior | Bag: Mackage 

Photography by Linda Chow
Edited by Trace Otsuka