It's amusing to look back at the evolution of one's personal style, even at the cringe-worthy looks, to see what we thought was cool, what our parents forced us to wear, and to see if any styles or items have cycled back into our lives. I never imagined that my style would be the way it is now or that I’d revisit looks from my adolescence. But I think that's what's exciting about style: it's always evolving and very fluid as you move along in life, capturing the zeitgeist of our personal lives, just as fashion does for the world.

I remember when I was younger, I'd wear a t-shirt with my tighty-whities to sleep and to lounge around the house. My brother would always yell at me to put on some pants, but I never really obliged and retorted with childish angst. Little did I know this would be a cyclical look 15 or 18 years later. Here I am, in a Hood By Air t-shirt with shorts so short that they're basically underwear, strolling the streets of NYC as if it were my own private home and I am loving every moment of it. I think my elementary self would approve of this look.

My white tees have gotten an upgrade since my childhood Hanes or Fruit of the Loom to current ones like this HBA backless tee or Everlane T-shirts (they have the perfect essentials). White tees have become an essential to my wardrobe-- I can never have too many, and am always on the search for more. There are so many different necklines and cuts that the possibilities are endless! They're the perfect go-to when you're in a rush, since they match with everything. They can be sophisticated to effortlessly cool.  

As many white tees as I may have, this HBA one is a prized possession. It's simple yet it makes such a statement with the open back. It's a nice little sensual surprise on a typically conservative item. In addition, I love that the brand stands for and advocates embracing one’s individuality. His pieces are daring in the coolest and best way possible, and I'm happy I can have a piece from his creations to help carry his vision into the world. Shayne Oliver, you slay my fashion soul.

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Top: Hood By Air (Similar Here) | Shorts: Black Cat Vintage | Boots: Public Desire | Earring: Sorelle 

Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose
Edited by Trace Otsuka