Skort. What an ugly word for an interesting and could-be-cool article of clothing. My first recollection of a Skort dates back to my elementary school days, seeing all my female classmates and cousins sporting the denim wrap-style Skort and thinking I would never see this article of clothing after childhood. To wear something I closely associated to childhood as an adult seemed a bit strange to me. Like, it basically looks like a skirt so why not just wear a skirt? Or shorts. It was like a training bra; preparing you for the “real thing”.

But as I grew to be an "adult" and tried my first Skort (basically a month ago) ever from Aritzia. I realized what a magical item this is, it's the best of both worlds of the shortest pieces (publicly acceptable) of clothing that exists and I love any article of clothing that shows off the gams. 

Designers have been doing skort variations for some time with side pleating, fabric contrasts, and other cool design details but I always bypassed it as a personal wardrobe option. I had a gift card to Aritzia and thought you know why not, if there's anytime to try one, now was the time since it technically wasn't my money. Life is about taking chances and risks right? Well I'm glad I took this one as trivial as it is. 

Skort success! 

x d

Top: Front Row Shop (Similar Here) | Skort: Aritzia | Booties: Public Desire (Similar Here) | Collar: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Photography by Thomas McCarty
Edited by Trace Otsuka