Smoking is addicting (and also quite chic) but to me it's not because of the nicotine or tobacco, it's the moment you have during a cigarette break that I crave. When you live in a pandemonium-filled bustling city and work various jobs, you can't help but crave a moment to yourself during the chaos. When I have a cig, it's almost like time slows down and I'm encapsulated in this bubble that no one can penetrate or intrude. Everything in that bubble is mine, including time. It allows me to think and just step away from reality for a bit and recollect my thoughts or just completely zone out (and to escape uncomfortable social situations). Yes, I could just go for a walk or step outside, but the motion of smoking a ciggy is cathartic on its own as well. I'm usually running around in the AM on appointments, tapping away on a laptop at work, then off to events after office hours. So these pockets of “me time” throughout the day, during the constant on-the-go momentum, is something I look forward to and basically need.

Or... maybe it is the nicotine? 

x d

PS. Don't worry, I plan on quitting soon, since it's so detrimental to the skin... I suppose the lungs/overall health too. 

Blazer: A Common Space | Scarf: Uniqlo x Carine Roitfeld (Similar Here) | Rings: Eddie Borgo | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Belt: Uniqlo (Similar Here)

Edited by Trace Otsuka
Photography by Linda Chow