Being a "fashion" person, it comes naturally that "non-fashion" people always ask me apparel-related questions. One of the popular ones happens to be: What should I buy for winter? Honestly, my answer is simple. Get a faux fur coat! (But a nice faux fur coat!)

From my personal experience, It doesn't need to be from an expensive brand. I have ones from Ann Taylor and Uniqlo that look expensive and keep me warm all winter long, without the need for multiple chunky and unflattering layers. This one I'm wearing now happens to be from ASOS, and I am so glad I crossed paths with it because... It. Is. amazing! I was so surprised by how soft, shiny and luxe the faux fur looked and felt. From the silky sheen to the deep rich green jewel tone. A lot of faux furs look cheap, stiff and feel scratchy, which in turn makes people look like a troll doll resurfaced from the depths of your bed 10 years later, where your heavy salivating dog left it. Not cute. So beware!

I've grown to be adverse to real fur over the years. Just the thought of the process is too painful. Imagining all the cries (and other visually details that I will spare) is just too heavy to bare. Although, I am ok with vintage fur, despite the "grandparent's attic" stench. So maybe in 20 years from now I wouldn't feel bad about buying that "vintage" mink robe coat from The Row? Just kidding, I probably still won't be able to afford it then anyways.

So for this winter, forget the search for a cuddle buddy and find yourself a good faux fur coat! It'll keep you warm all winter long without the the consequences of emotional turmoil. Some good options below!

Faux Fur Options: MICHAEL Michael KorsMangoShrimps, Pixie Market

x D

Coat: ASOS | Hoodie: Forever 21 | Denim: Dr. Denim | Choker: Zana Bayne | Shoes: Public Desire (Similar Here)

Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose 
Edited by Trace Otsuka

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