During my morning commutes to work or wherever I'm going, I always see people with fully made-up faces and think to myself, "what time did they wake up to do all that?" or "how long did it take to fully beat their faces?" I know the times vary, but I've heard from some people it takes them 30 minutes to an hour, or that they wake up at 5 or 6AM. The commitment these people have to wake up super early every day is astounding. Kudos to them! I mean, most of them look great but I can't help but wonder… Do they not like to sleep?!

I love to sleep, and if I could, I'd probably lay in bed in a deep slumber for the rest of my life. But unfortunately that's not how life works, and there's just too much I want to accomplish that can't be done while sleeping. So my morning routine is pretty low maintenance as I like to optimize my time to sleep as much as possible. Because of this, my knowledge and skills when it comes to beauty in general are pretty basic. 

Makeup never really interested me in the past just because of the amount of work and time it took to apply, but I recently started playing around with eyeliner. I’m now trying to perfect the precision of a winged or cat-lined eye. It's a struggle to get them to be symmetrical to one another and to get a knife-sharp edge, but I'll be honest-- it's a lot of fun, especially when prepping for a night out. 

For now I've been using Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It's the first eyeliner I've ever bought, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know! 

I'm still getting used to wearing makeup and consciously reminding myself not to rub my eyes. But the more I wear make up, the more I understand why people are so selfie-crazed after painting their faces! You can't help but document all your efforts and show off the baby on your face that you gave birth to! It's quite empowering when the final results come out well. 

I've had make-up applied before, but both occasions were pretty... extreme, but fun! Through these transformations, I've learned that my face doesn't take heavy makeup well, aesthetically, unless it's a more natural look. Otherwise, I look like a lost and confused cross-dressing clown doing the walk of shame… Which isn't cute. 

One conflict I have with makeup is at the end of the night, when you have to strip it all off. Not only are you washing off all your hard work, but now you feel so ‘blah’ looking at your bare face and realize that you're actually a 4/10 and not a solid 7 without all the face paint. But whatever… what can you do?

x D

Cardigan: American Apparel (Similar Here) | Earring: Sarah & Sebastian | Eyeliner: Stila | Lipgloss: Giorgio Armani

Photography by Jocelyn Chuang
Edited by Trace Otsuka

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